How the QuickBooks Queen Can Help You

The QBQ will help you:

  • Decide which version will best meet your needs.
  • Set up, track and reconcile your checking, savings and credit card accounts.
  • Fax or email invoices directly to clients from your computer.
  • Communicate with and prepare reports for your accountant.
  • Set up and modify your basic Chart of Accounts (COA).
  • Understand A/R information — customers, estimates, invoices and receiving payments.
  • Learn the “EASY” way to handle bounced checks from customers.
  • Eliminate “annoying” existing credits that throw off your A/R totals.
  • Respond to a sales tax audit from the State Board of Equalization.
  • Understand A/P vendor data, purchase orders, entering & paying bills and writing checks.
  • Customize the forms to look the way you want and need.
  • Learn how to send QB Reports to Excel. Learn how to reformat those reports to look the way that helps your business the most.
  • Memorize and schedule transactions that occur monthly, or on another regular basis, saving you from making repetitive entries.
  • Troubleshoot to find and correct errors for accurate reports.
  • Create budgets, reports, charts and a customized procedures manual.
  • Reconcile your bank and credit card statements monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.
  • Create custom reports and interpret their meaning for your business, so you can make your business more profitable.
  • and more…

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